Vertex Displacement Mapping in GLSL Now Available on Radeon!

As I said in this news, the release of Catalyst 8.10 BETA comes with a nice bugfix: vertex texture fetching is now operational on Radeon (at least on my Radeon HD 4850). From 2 or 3 months, Catalyst makes it possible to fetch texture from inside a vertex shader. You can see with GPU Caps […]

GLSL support in Intel graphics drivers

A user from oZone3D.Net forum asked me some info about the GLSL support of Intel graphics chips. It’s wellknown (sorry Intel) that Intel has a bad OpenGL support in its Windows drivers and even if Intel’s graphics drivers support OpenGL 1.5, there is still a lack of GLSL support. We can’t find the GL_ARB_shading_language_100 extension […]

ATI Catalyst 8.3: OpenGL Extensions

[French] Voici la liste des extensions OpenGL supportées par les pilotes Catalyst 8.3. Il y en a 96. [/French] [English] Here is the list of OpenGL extensions supported by Catalyst 8.3 drivers. There are 96 extensions. [/English] Drivers Version: 8.471.0.0 – Catalyst 08.3 ATI Catalyst Version String: 08.3 ATI Catalyst Release Version String: 8.471-080225a1-059746C-ATI Share […]

OpenGL Geometry Instancing

This article has been updated with new demos and new GI technique. Read the complete article here: OpenGL Geometry Instancing: GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 5870. [French] Voici une petite démo qui utilise les techniques d’instancing (instancing simple, pseudo-instancing et geometry instancing(ou GI)) pour effectuer le rendu d’un anneau composé de 10000 petites sphères. […]