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Vertex Displacement Mapping in GLSL Now Available on Radeon!

As I said in this news, the release of Catalyst 8.10 BETA comes with a nice bugfix: vertex texture fetching is now operational on Radeon (at least on my Radeon HD 4850). From 2 or 3 months, Catalyst makes it possible to fetch texture from inside a vertex shader. You can see with GPU Caps Viewer how many texture units are exposed in a vertex shader for your Radeon:

But so far, vertex texture fetching in GLSL didn’t work due to a bug in the driver. But now this is an old story, since VTF works well. For more details about vertex displacement mapping, you can read this rather old (2 years!) tutorial: Vertex Displacement Mapping using GLSL.

This very cool news makes me want to create a new benchmark based on VTF!

I’ve only tested the XP version of Catalyst 8.10. If someone has tested the Vista version, feel free to post a comment…

Next step for ATI driver team: enable geometry texture fetching: allows texture fetching inside a geometry shader…

See you soon!