NVIDIA’s David Kirk Interview on CUDA, CPUs and GPUs

David Kirk, Nvidia’s Chief Scientist, interviewed by the guys at bit-tech.net. Read the full interview HERE. Here are some snippets of this 8-page interview: – page1 “Kirk’s role within Nvidia sounds many times simpler than it actually is: he oversees technology progression and he is responsible for creating the next generation of graphics. He’s not […]

Dynamic branching and NVIDIA Forceware Drivers

Several weeks ago, I posted on Beyond3D a thread on my dynamic branching benchmark. I wondered why dynamic branching performances on Geforce 7 were worse than ones on Geforce 6 or 8. I believe I’ve got the answer: Forceware drivers. Here are some new results where ratio = Branching_ON / Branching_OFF : 7600GS – Fw […]

New NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions Headers

The new OpenGL headers files contain new extensions stuff. You can download them from… just a second, I start GPU Caps Viewer and… okay I got it :thumbup: : from developer.nvidia.com/object/nvidia_opengl_specs.html. But there are a couple of weird things: 1 – the glext.h version is 28 (#define GL_GLEXT_VERSION 28). The version I use to compile […]

NVIDIA OpenGL Extension Specifications

Finally NVIDIA releases the specs of the new OpenGL extensions that come with the gf8800. Great news! :thumbup: These specs are very important for us, poor graphics developers, in order to update our software with the latest cool features. So among these specs, there is the GL_EXT_draw_instanced that allows to do geometry instancing. Another extension […]

NVIDIA GLSL compiler

In the demo I received from satyr (see oZone3D.Net forums), there is a toon shader that uses glsl uniforms. The pixel shader looked like to: uniform float silhouetteThreshold; void main() { silhouetteThreshold = 0.32; //… shader code //… shader code //… shader code } This pixel shader compiles well on nVidia gc but generes an […]

Depth Map Filtering – ATI vs NVIDIA

Really ATI has some problems with OpenGL. Now I’m working on soft shadows and my tmp devstation has a Radeon X700 (not the top-notch I know but an enough powerful CG). With my X700 (Catalyst 6.6) the soft shadow edges are rendered as follows: And on my second CG, a nVidia 6600gt (forceware 91.31), the […]

NPOT Textures

It’s nice to come back to code! I’m currently working on a new and simple framework for my OpenGL experimentations before implementing the algorithms in the oZone3D Engine . RaptorGL is a little bit too heavy for simple tests so for the moment I drop it. This new framework I called XPGL (eXPerimental Graphics Library), […]