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FreeImage: Erreur de Compilation Sous Ubuntu 10.10

La compilation de la librairie FreeImage 3.14.1 sous Ubuntu 10.10 gènère cette erreur:

In file included from Source/OpenEXR/IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.h:47,
from Source/OpenEXR/./IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.cpp:43:
Source/OpenEXR/Imath/ImathMatrix.h: In constructor ‘Imath::Matrix44::Matrix44() [with T = float]’:
Source/OpenEXR/./IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.cpp:110: instantiated from here
Source/OpenEXR/Imath/ImathMatrix.h:1813: error: ‘memset’ was not declared in this scope

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While I was releasing the Julia’s Fractal demo, I tested it on NVIDIA and ATI (as usual before releasing a demo). And as usual, a new difference appeared in the way the GLSL is supported on ATI and on NVIDIA. On NVIDIA the following is line is ok but produces an error on ATI (Catalyst 8.1):

gl_FragColor = texture1D(tex, (float)(i == max_i ? 0 : i) / 100);			

To be ATI Radeon-compliant, this instruction must be split in two:

if( i == max_i )
	gl_FragColor = texture1D(tex, 0.0);			
	gl_FragColor = texture1D(tex, i/100.0);			

I can’t immagine a world with more than two major graphics cards manufacturers. But if such a world exists, I stop 3d programming… Fortunately, NVIDIA accepts ATI GLSL syntax so there is only one code at the end. Conlusion: always check your GLSL shaders on ATI and NVIDIA before releasing a demo…

Compilation of Ogre3D v1.2.1

Just for fun (and for benchmarking too), I’ve done a compilation of the latest Ogre3D engine (v1.2.1).

For the sake of the test I used vc2005 and the two following files available on www.ogre3d.org:
– OGRE 1.2.1 Source for Windows
– Dependencies 1.2.0 for Visual C++ 2005(8.0)

Unpack both archives and put the content of Dependencies archive into ogre folder. Now you’re ready to load the ogre_vc8.sln solution. Once done, you have to enable the compiler timer with:
[i]Tools->Options->Projects->VC++ Build and setting Build Timing to Yes[/i].

Okay, everything is ready for the compilation of the OgreMain project.

With my workstation (p4 3.6GHz, 2Go DDR2 533, hdd WD 200Go SATA1), the compilation and linking took: Build Time 12:04 (read 12 min 04 sec!) :raspberry: