How to UnRAR files on Ubuntu

Linux-Ubuntu comes with native zip file support (zip and unzip). Good. Unfortunately, uncompressing RAR files (or unrar-ing files) is not handled by Ubuntu. But it’s not a big problem: just install the unrar package and you’re ok. To install unrar, start a terminal and type the following command: Share PostTwitterFacebook

FreeImage: Erreur de Compilation Sous Ubuntu 10.10

La compilation de la librairie FreeImage 3.14.1 sous Ubuntu 10.10 gènère cette erreur: In file included from Source/OpenEXR/IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.h:47, from Source/OpenEXR/./IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.cpp:43: Source/OpenEXR/Imath/ImathMatrix.h: In constructor ‘Imath::Matrix44::Matrix44() [with T = float]’: Source/OpenEXR/./IlmImf/ImfChromaticities.cpp:110: instantiated from here Source/OpenEXR/Imath/ImathMatrix.h:1813: error: ‘memset’ was not declared in this scope Share PostTwitterFacebook