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ZoomGPU is a C++ library for Windows XP/Vista that helps developers to retrieve graphics cards related data. Here are few examples of such data:

  • Renderer description (ex: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280)
  • Graphics drivers description (ex: Forceware (9-17-2008))
  • GPU temperature
  • Video memory size
  • OpenGL version (ex: 2.1)
  • OpenGL extensions
  • and much more again...

ZoomGPU is successfully used for long time in GPU Caps Viewer, one of the most popular graphics card utilities over the Net. All information exposed by GPU Caps Viewer have been retrieved with ZoomGPU.

ZoomGPU retrieves general video card information (like the renderer description, graphics drivers version, GPU codename or GPU temperature) but also information related to OpenGL API support (version, extensions, etc.) and OpenCL. Direct3D API support will be added soon.

ZoomGPU is very simple to use. Here are the 4 steps that describe how to use it:

1 - Include ZoomGPU header:
#include <ZoomGPU/ZoomGPU.h>
2 - ZoomGPU start up:
3 - Retrieve data:
const char* gpuCodeName = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->getGpuCodename();
size_t physxVersion  = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->getNvidiaPhysxVersion();
size_t memSize = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->getVideoMemorySizeMb();
float gpuTemp = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->readGPUTemperature();
4 - ZoomGPU shutdown:

That's all! Really simple, isn't it?

ZoomGPU is temporarily not available for sale.

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