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Code Sample 21  

This code sample is a very simple Powerpoint-like presentation: it shows how to use sequences in order to build up step-by-step a 3D model by assembling its different parts. It shows how to declare a model submesh in order to control its rendering. This is performed with sequences.

Keywords: sequence - action - task - run_mode - trigger_type - show_object - hide_object - mesh - shape_type - parent_name

Code Sample 47  

This code sample shows how to perform mesh picking and how to exploit the result with LUA (displaying selected mesh bounding box). To pick a mesh, press [SHIFT]+[MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON].

Keywords: HYP_Input.GetMouseButtonState - HYP_Input.IsKeyboardKeyPressed - HYP_Scene.PickMesh - HYP_Object.DisplayBoundingVolume

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