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FurMark Fume les Cartes Graphiques

Je suis tombé sur ce fil de discussion chez [H]ard|Forum où l’on peut lire ceci:

“That fur demo is known to get cards the hottest, it is also known for smoking cards as well (it was the last thing run for a number of people on the extremesystems forums).”

En gros ça dit que le FurMark est connnu pour faire le plus chauffer les cartes mais qu’il aussi connu pour les faire fumer et c’est souvent la dernière chose que certains utilisateurs aient vu! Je savais que le FurMark était bon pour faire chauffer les cartes mais je ne savais pas qu’il était aussi capable de les détruire. Je sens que cet été va être chaud pour certaines cartes graphiques…

Quick Review – GPU-Z 0.1.6

A new version of GPU-Z is out. That’s cool. W1zzard has added a new tab with some info (redundant at least for the two first) : gpu clock speed, temperature and fan speed. But I think there is a problem in the reading of the gpu temperature sensor. Here are the results with my 8800 GTX:

1 – GPU-Z: 52 °C

2 – GPU Caps Viewer: 58 °C

3 – RivaTuner: 58 °C

Ok let’s wait for the next version…

Fur Rendering Benchmark

I officially released the fur rendering benchmark 4 days ago. So let’s analyze a little bit the first feedbacks available on forums over the web.

Homepage: www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/

1 – Fur rendering benchmark isn’t cpu dependent and this is a very good thing for a graphics card benchmark. No matter the cpu speed, the result for a given card stays equivalent:
oZone3D.Net forums
extremeoverclocking.com forums
extremeoverclocking.com forums
“yes the first propper gpu bench ive come across, i really like this…. it stops all the arguments about memory timings and cpu speeds. its a good equaliser as all our systems can provide that 10% cpu info the gpu needs…”

2 – 8800GTX vs 2900XT
ATI 2900XT seems to beat NVIDIA 8800GTX. In all forums, the 2900XT is ahead:
oZone3D.Net forums
overclockers.co.uk forums
extremeoverclocking.com forums

3 – this benchmark seems to nicely overload the graphics card and then is a cool GPU burner and stress/stability test utility.
clubic.com forums : “Par contre j ai jamais vu ma carte graphique chauffer autant: environ 100° pendant la test:ouch:”
oZone3D.Net forums: “This thing just succeeded to shut down twice the PSU, caused by overloading of the graphics board!!”

I done a little test with my 8800GTX:
– gpu core temp at rest: 58°C
– gpu core temp at load: 83°C

Okay, that’s all for that small benchmark. :winkhappy: