A cumbersome bug in the Catalyst 7.12

The latest Catalyst version is the 7.12 (the Cat7.12 internal number is 8.442.0.0). But exactly like the Cat7.11, these drivers have a bug in the management of dynamic lights in GLSL. But this time, I searhed for the source of bug because this bug is a little bit cumbersome in Demoniak3D demos. And we can’t […]

Les Catalyst 7.12 toujours à la sauce “Bug-Inside”

Les derniers pilotes Catalyst ont la version 7.12 (le numéro interne des Cat7.12 est le 8.442.0.0 – c’est pas un téléphone ok!). Mais exactement comme les 7.11, ces drivers ont un bug dans la gestion des lumières dynamiques en GLSL. Mais cette fois-ci, je me suis mis à la recherche du bug car il est […]

Catalyst 7.9, Radeon 2900 and Surface Deformer

From oZone3D.Net Forums, the Catalyst 7.9 seems to unleash ATI Radeon 2900 GPU. The Surface Deformer benchmark is a benchmark that requires a lot of vertex processing horse power. With Catalyst prior to 7.9, the score of an ATI 2900 was around 8000 o3Marks (that was already high). Now with Catalyst 7.9, the 2900 gets […]

Embedded Your Shader Souce Code In Your C/C++ Apps

The NVIDIA developer blog shows a way to include shaders codes to your windows exe: But this example is not fully operational. I slightly modified the code to make it totally operational (I compiled it on vc++ 6.0): 1) Add a define to your resource.h file: #define IDF_SHADEFILE 1000 2) Add an entry in […]