Gamma Correction

I’ve coded today a small gamma correction filter in Smode. I’ll talk about gamma correction a little bit more very soon with a Demoniak3D demo. Here is the result on a simple scene: a teapot lit with a Phong shader.

The following image shows the rendering of the scene done in the usual manner, I mean without gamma correction:

and now the same scene gamma-corrected (factor 2.2):

2 thoughts on “Gamma Correction”

  1. ZooRocket

    Screen shots are hard to see… but it looks like Smode lets you edit the GLSL code right there within the program. When will this neat little program be available to try out?

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yep, you can edit GLSL directly within Smode. Smode is a neat program you’re right but is not little… Currently we (diplabs’s staff) have no plan about a public release of Smode but as soon as we decide something, I’ll post it!

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