Multithreaded Build with Visual Studio 2005

Under Visual Studio 2005 (VC8), you can enable the multithreaded build of projects. This great feature makes it possible to use several CPUs to build your projects. This is a per-project setting and it’s done in command line: /MPx where x is the number of cores you want to use. Example: /MP2 to use 2 CPUs if you have (like me) a core2duo.

I’ve done some tests with Demoniak3D:
– Demoniak3D (default): Build Time 0:33
– Demoniak3D (/MP2): Build Time 0:15

Great boost in productivity of large projects!


3 thoughts on “Multithreaded Build with Visual Studio 2005”

  1. bubu

    You can also specify only /MP without number and VS will use all cores you have.

    This setting btw also works for VS2005. Even for Express edition.

  2. Naskel

    Il faut désactiver la fonction “Activation de la régénération minimal” (/Gm) sinon /MP sera désactivé et vous aurez cette erreur :

    Ligne de commande warning D9030 : ‘/Gm’ incompatible avec le multitraitement ; commutateur /MP ignoré

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