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Gamma Correction

I’ve coded today a small gamma correction filter in Smode. I’ll talk about gamma correction a little bit more very soon with a Demoniak3D demo. Here is the result on a simple scene: a teapot lit with a Phong shader.

The following image shows the rendering of the scene done in the usual manner, I mean without gamma correction:

and now the same scene gamma-corrected (factor 2.2):

Happy New Year 2k8 + Dev News

Just some little news about the current dev I’m working on. In the next few days I will release the new version of GPU Caps Viewer (currently in beta-test stage). This new version has a cleaner interface, an improved gpu detection, a new OpenGL demo (HDR) and a new logo… And in the same time I’m updating the fur benchmark with many new cool features such as a separate rendering thread and mostly a checkbox called Contest Mode. More on this option very soon. After the release of both softwares, I hope to get back on Demoniak3D development and demos.

So stay tuned!

And from now, a few days of complete rest…

Happy New Year 2008!