Multithreaded Build with Visual Studio 2005

Under Visual Studio 2005 (VC8), you can enable the multithreaded build of projects. This great feature makes it possible to use several CPUs to build your projects. This is a per-project setting and it’s done in command line: /MPx where x is the number of cores you want to use. Example: /MP2 to use 2 […]

Saturate function in GLSL

During the conversion of shaders written in Cg/HLSL, we often find the saturate() function. This function is not valid in GLSL even though on NVIDIA, the GLSL compiler accepts it (do not forget that NVIDIA’s GLSL compiler is based on Cg compiler). But ATI’s GLSL compiler will reject saturate() with a nice error. This function […]

Shiva PLE 1.5.3 – 3D Game Development Tool

Depuis le temps que je devais le faire, j’ai enfin pris un moment pour regarder ShiVa de plus près. Surtout que dame Bérengère a envoyé la news alors hop, on fait le test. Le téléchargement de ShiVa 1.5.3 PLE (the very last version) se passe ici: Download ShiVa. Le PLE, terme très à la mode […]