Month: May 2008

Small Log System

Here is a small piece of code that can be useful if you need to quickly generate traces (or log) in your apps: class cLog { public: cLog(char *logfile){}; static void trace(const char *s) { if(s) log << s << std::endl; }; static std::ofstream log; }; std::ofstream cLog::log(“c:\\app_log.txt”); Just use it as follows: cLog::trace(“this is […]

[French] Un petit post pour dire que je viens de démarrer un nouveau site exclusivement dédié aux actualités du monde de la 3D: cartes graphiques, programmation OpenGL et Direct3D, softs 3D, demoscene et tous les autres choses cool que j’oublie. Ce site de news se trouve ici: Pourquoi ce site? Tout simplement parceque c’est […]

NVIDIA’s David Kirk Interview on CUDA, CPUs and GPUs

David Kirk, Nvidia’s Chief Scientist, interviewed by the guys at Read the full interview HERE. Here are some snippets of this 8-page interview: – page1 “Kirk’s role within Nvidia sounds many times simpler than it actually is: he oversees technology progression and he is responsible for creating the next generation of graphics. He’s not […]