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Power is 1
« on: October 23, 2014, 01:12:05 AM »

I have a problem that is "burning" me .

I´m not going to bore all of you with my pc specs ,just know that i have a new gigabyte nvidia gf 660 2gb  and a power suppply that gives 21A on the +12v rail.

The problem is that when i am playing certain games (shadows of mordor) ,the computer restarts randomly.
I googled and i found this wonder called Furmark ,i run a intensive test (burn) with all setttings maximun ,and it doesnt restart the pc , but the  indicator "power" while doing the test is set to 1 .

In the upper part of the screen ,when doing the test , the power label shows 1 at  the limits field in the GPU1 line , and GPU power is between 105%  and 106% .

Are those indicators telling me that I need a more powerfull  PSU ?

Thanks in advance.