Author Topic: Computer freezing AFTER running FurMark Benchmark  (Read 4649 times)

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Computer freezing AFTER running FurMark Benchmark
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:28:08 AM »
or about a month now my computer has been locking up when under loads, but only sometimes. When it freezes, the monitors completely freeze (as if it were a screen shot) the mouse and keyboard stop responding, and all audio cuts out. The only way to get out is to reset the machine. It started to happen when playing payday 2 and having skype open, not either individually, and it still doesnt seem to happen when running just payday 2, but it does happen now with other games and skype, but not always. I have replaced the PSU, added additional cooling for the GPU, and have updated/downgraded all the drivers and nothing seems to make a difference. I have been monitoring the temps for my GPU and CPU and neither seems to spike when the computer freezes.

Today, I found something interesting. I downloaded FurMark to test the GPU and ran the "Burn-in benchmark 1920X1080 15min" that can be found on the menu. My computer ran fine during the bench mark, but within seconds of the benchmark ending, my computer froze. I restarted and ran the benchmark again, and the same thing happens. Any ideas to what could be causing the freezing?