Author Topic: Furmark v1.12.00 "Burn-in benchmark 1920x1080 15min", Score submission failed.  (Read 5000 times)

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After creating an account at "oZone3D.Net", for Furmark score submissions I successfully
submitted scores for
(1) Benchmark Preset: 720,
(2) Benchmark Preset: 1080.
However, after running "Burn-in benchmark 1920x1080 15min", and using the same login
as the first 2 tests, I get the error:

   "Score submission failed. Sorry"

I redid all 3 tests again, and the same results (1st 2 tests submitted, 3rd test failed
submission!!    >:(

Any ideas why I can't submit the burn-in test results?  Is it a problem specific to Furmark
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