Author Topic: Screen flashing when furmark test  (Read 4439 times)

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Screen flashing when furmark test
« on: December 20, 2013, 02:32:07 PM »
Hi. Today I test my graphic cards because in bf4 sometime I got lightning issues. I download the furmark and 3dmark 11 and test the cards. 3D mark 11 is fine, I got good graphic score and worst physics score (don`t know why). When I run the furmstk test in 720p its fine and windows mode is fine as well. When I try full screen mode or 1080p mode my screen going crazy. Screen flash like 10 times a second. why the hell is that. My specs are two Asus GTX 680 DC2 top on SLI (1201Mhz factory clock, water cooled) i7 3770K 4.6Ghz, thermaltake toughpower xt gold1450w. screen is Asus VG248Q 144hHz. Little help please..