Author Topic: Furmark 1.7 and Catalyst 9.7  (Read 3738 times)

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Furmark 1.7 and Catalyst 9.7
« on: August 15, 2009, 12:11:58 AM »
Hi. I recently upgraded from the Catalyst 9.6 to the Catalyst 9.7 driver. I ran Furmak an noticed the temerature of my AMD Radeon 4870 was lower than usual with furmark. After some testing i found out, that i only get half the score than usual.  I roled back to Catalyst 9.6 driver and got the usual score again.

I think AMD/ATI has included a new dedection for Furmark in the Catalyst 9.7 driver. They did that for stability reasons again i guess. It only seems to apply to the Radeon 48xx series. I've read that that happend before, cause the voltage regulators got too hot. You just renamed furmark.exe to etqw.exe. I tryed something else, but still can't get higher scores.

I tryed also other cooles with the 9.6 driver. But then the card always shuts down, with an overtemperature fault. Only the stock cooler can hadle that. But then the gpu gets too hot and is slowing down.

If you can work around this catalyst 9.7 driver problem, you should mention when furmark is installin that the 48xx series may have trouble with furmark. I hope this is enough to satisfy amd to stop slowing down their products for some applications.