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NeoAxis Engine 0.81 available
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:30:14 AM »
* New 3dsMax Exporter: Mesh export, material export, texture export and converting, skeletal animation support.
    * MapObjectAttachedParticle: UpdateWhenItNotInView has been property. Not visibled on screen particle system will be suspended. This property intended for better performance.
    * ParticleSystem: Option for automatic quota calculation. AutomaticQuota property. To update existing .particle files you need to open and just resave file in the Resource Editor.
    * ParticleSystem: Particle system management has been optimized.
    * Game animation: Animation source code has been refactored. All animation code removed from MapObjectAttachedMesh and moved to MeshObjectAnimationController.cs (GameCommon.dll). Dynamic entity class highly simplified.
    * HeightmapTerrain: Fixed pipeline support (only the first layer).
    * Resource Editor: Tool for converting textures into different formats (PNG, TGA, JPG and compressed DDS).
    * Mesh: SkeletonName property has been added.
    * Resource Editor: Mesh Editor: SkeletonName property can be changed.
    * Map Editor: Now you can not create entity if the selected layer is locked.
    * MapObjectAttachedMesh: LinkBonesToBodies functionality has been expanded: It is possible manually customize bone linkage. MapObject.OnAttachedMeshLinkBoneToBody() method.
    * StaticLightingManager: Lightmaps property has been added. Now you can disable lightmaps, but use irrandiance volume.
    * PhysicsSystem: Ability to add custom shapes and joints.
    * PhysicsSystem: Now physics world is created only once during initialization engine instead of creating every time during map loading.
    * PhysicsSystem: enum ContactGroup is moved to PhysicsSystem.dll.
    * Installer: Included PhysX system software updated to PhysX_9.09.0408_SystemSoftware.exe.
    * OGRE sources: Now source codes of OgreNativeWrapper.dll are shared.
    * StaticLigtingCalculationTool: Now NVIDIA Texture Tools are used for dds generation providing better quality for mipmap generation.
    * Resource Editor: Entity type creation: You cannot create default entity types which already exists like StaticMesh.type, HeightmapTerrain.type, etc.
    * MapObjectAttachedMesh: ForceSubMeshMaterials property has been removed. Be attentive!
    * Map: GetStaticMeshItemByBody() method has been renamed to GetStaticMeshByBody().
    * MeshObject: SetCustomBoundsAndRadius() method has been added.
    * FMODSoundSystem: "A call to a standard soundcard driver failed" warnings are ignored now.

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