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Porsche Cayenne Demo
« on: December 06, 2006, 05:27:28 PM »
Okay guys, this is a little test I've done because I found some cool 3d models on that website:  (german website only  :cry: )

I just wanted to see how a porsche cayenne could be rendered using Hyperion.

Img 01: the model loaded in HyperView3D with one dynamic light

Img 02: the model after a per-vertex ambient occlusion pass

Img 03: the model loaded in Hyperion with 3 dyn lights and ambocc factor. The rendering uses
glsl shaders to mix dynamic lighting and ambocc.

Img 04: the model with environment mappping

Img 05: a reflection on the floor has been added

Img 06: a black smoke going out the exhaust pipe

Img 07: the final scene with a little bit of advertising...

I will release this demo in the next few days...