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Title: benchmark score help
Post by: jerramie on November 20, 2013, 02:56:05 PM
I have been out of the scene for a while. This rig is not a hot rod.. i built it cheap to run SWTOR a year ago. intell Q8400 2.66 with 4096. I originally ran 4 sticks but i burned out 2 of them so I am down to 4096 of ddr2. 8800gt nvidia card with 2286mb. My old build was 3g ddr1 machine with old San diego AMD with a 7800 gt and i got better results with that machine than i am getting with this one. The only thing i can think of is.. my older machine had a hotrod mobo and this machine has a cheap ASUS mobo. anyways.. running  benchmark 1080 preset fullscreen no AA @  1920 x 1080: GPU running @ 80c and I am getting around 9 fps. This machine runs real hot so I had to add a fan to the chipset heatsink. So... can any of you give me your input on these results?