Author Topic: Crysis Demo: 50 Screenshots!!!  (Read 17821 times)

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Crysis Demo: 50 Screenshots!!!
« on: October 27, 2007, 10:34:00 AM »
Okay guys, here are around 50 screenshots of Crysis. My system is winxp/sp2 with a NVIDIA 8800GTX / Forceware 169.01. I think the 8800 is the minimum card required.

Crysis can be downloaded here:

Crysis is REALLY BEAUTIFUL! This game really rocks  :thumbup:

Just see for yourself:   

Game splashscreens and settings (I played in 1920x1200 - very nice visual experience):

Before the real game begining, Crysis offers you a really cool video sequence:

Now the game begins:

As Bioshock, you start the action in... water and in night:

One guy of the team:

And another one:


The dawn:

Sorry but I did a little coffee-pause.... and now it's the day:

Very nice and realistic:


That's all! Discover the rest of the demo by yourself  :mrgreen: