Author Topic: [invit] The Gathering 2007 invit "still puzzled?" by Outracks  (Read 6494 times)

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- Released at digiLAB 2007.

- PouetLink:

- Content of the readme.nfo:


still puzzled?

the gathering 2007 invtro

.duckers (code/design)
.flipside (musik)
.gloom (gfx/design)
.snarling (gfx)
.zeila (gfx)

come to the gathering 2007 (04.04 -> 08.04) in hamar, norway!
for more information, visit or just call balder.

this demo has been tested on several pre-previous generation nvidia
gfx-cards, so if it messes up somehow, it's probably YOUR FAULT!!
(no, seriously; let us know -- -- thanks :)


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The Gathering 2007  Website
Review on grapejuice (in french)