Author Topic: Applications relating to XML/Nvidia Apex  (Read 5404 times)

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Applications relating to XML/Nvidia Apex
« on: February 06, 2011, 05:15:05 AM »
Apparently John Ratcliff has designed a convex decomposition tool with a option to import .apx nvidia apex files, including some xml and xml export options,with a Splitmesh option also, I could not compile a working version from source , nor get the binaries working. From the looks of it is someone knew what they were really doing I suppose they could implement some of the options he's got into geexlab or demoniak, I personally would not know how to do this, but the source code +binaries are working at this link
He said his apex design was flawed so his colleague took over Apex destruction,but since the old apex is dead I guess, some of his older work might come in handy for something!maybe someone could have some splitmesh/convex decomposition+interesting destructibles in geexlab with some of these materials!  :hat: