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Render Interactive Images with 3D Studio Max (SRG)
« on: July 15, 2009, 06:37:30 PM »
A new Plug-in for 3d Studio Max has just been released, which allows you to render truly interactive scenes. This will expand 3d Max functionality and will permit to develop serious graphical applications and presentations using 3d Studio Max.

The name of this plug-in is Smart Render Graphics; you can read all about and download a fully functional version of it at:
The advantages of using the SRG Format instead of any other “plain” image file format are several:

•   Hot spotting: Objects in the SRG image are automatically recognized and mouse sensitive.

•   Multi materials: Several materials and textures can be applied to each object and you can watch them change on the SRG image without the need to go back to 3ds Max.

•   Links: Hyperlinks can be applied objects in the image, e.g. Web pages, email addresses, external files, MS-Office documents etc.

•   Data fields: Data like description; price etc. can be added to the objects inside the SRG image. The data can be password protected and retrieved by right-clicking the objects.

•   Integration: SRG Images can be shown on Web pages using the ActiveX Viewer for Internet Explorer and they can be integrated into your own graphic applications written in any DotNet programming language (free component available).

•   File size: SRG Images are optimized images, only pixels that changes value are stored. All pixels and data are stored in a highly compressed format.

Hope you found this information useful and please leave your comments.
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