Author Topic: OCCT Perestroïka 3.1.0 available  (Read 9185 times)

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OCCT Perestroïka 3.1.0 available
« on: May 21, 2009, 06:52:08 PM »
Changelog (Since 3.0.1) : MAIN

    * OCCT is now much better at detecting the prerequisites forn the tests (GPU:3D, GPU:MEMTEST and Power Supply)
    * The name of the graphic card is now detected


    * Hyperthreading support


    * The test has bee completly revamped. It is now MUCH more effective. Try it out !
    * The error detection mode is much more effective. The results are very accurate.
    * The algorithm has been made modular through the parameter "Shader Complexity". This represent the amount of work the graphic card has to do in one pass. Highest value is not always the best !
    * The optimum Shader complexity value is auto-detected (if known) and shown as "Optimal" in the drop-down menu.


    * Engine has been updated - new CPU support,...

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