Author Topic: Nvidia submits its OpenCL 1.0 drivers for certification  (Read 5421 times)

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Nvidia submits its OpenCL 1.0 drivers for certification
« on: May 13, 2009, 04:08:09 PM »
Less than a month after offering them to developers registered in the OpenCL Early Access Program, Nvidia has went on to submit its OpenCL drivers for Windows XP and Linux to the Khronos OpenCL Working Group for certification. Taking a not so subtile at AMD, Nvidia said that it "remains the only vendor today with software and hardware available for developers to program with OpenCL," and, while that may be true, it's not necessarily something to result in a clear advantage for the Green Team when OpenCL use picks up. Still, it's nice to see Nvidia pushing for the open standard, especially since it could mean the end of CUDA.

The 1.0 OpenCL driver continues to be available for devs and it features support for all CUDA-enabled in Nvidia's line-up.

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