Author Topic: Blender 2.49 Release Candidates 2 available  (Read 5317 times)

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Blender 2.49 Release Candidates 2 available
« on: May 10, 2009, 06:43:37 PM »
2.49 RC2

We are currently testing the second Release Candidate for 2.49.

Please report issues in our bug tracker

A release log of new the new features will be published here. Here's the WIP list of goodies:

    * Video Textures in Game Engine
    * Logic API cleanup for Game Engine
    * Texture node editing
    * Etch-a-ton, armature sketching preview
    * Dome rendering for Game Engine
    * Projection texture painting
    * Jpeg2000 support in sequencer
    * New GE actuators

Important bug fixes

    * Environment map render: alpha error for sky causes "white banding" on pixels where sky and faces antialias in the envmap.
    * Render error: Black dots appeared in raytracing curve objects

(many many more, list will be completed)
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