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DirectX SDK August 2008 available
« on: August 09, 2008, 10:40:26 AM »
What's New in the August 2008 DirectX SDK

This version of the DirectX SDK contains the following new features, tools, and documentation.

PIX Improvents

This release of PIX has many significant improvements.

    * Draw call timing for single-frame capturesPIX now calculates GPU-side timing information for Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10 draw calls when performing single-frame captures or during playback.
    * Improved 32/64-bit supportPIX has improved 64-bit support and cross-platform compatibility. Run files can be played back on either platform regardless of whether the original application was 32-bit or 64-bit. By using the 64-bit version of PIX to analyze your application, you can take advantage of the larger address-space available on 64-bit Windows and reduce the chance of running out of memory.
    * Improved application supportPIX has improved support for applications that call both Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10. It is also able to safely capture data from multithreaded applications.
    * Output Messages tabA new Output Messages tab is available that better exposes debug output from the Render, Mesh, and Shader views. You can filter messages by view and sort them by event ID, timestamp, and type, as well as copy them to the clipboard.
    * Render tabAs you move through the draw calls in a run file, the Render view continues to display the back buffer on Present calls, but for other calls it now displays the currently-bound render target. Also, the status bar now shows the surface format information. In addition, pencil icons appear on all the tabs of surfaces or textures that are currently bound to the device as render targets.
    * Buffer Data viewThe performance of the Buffer Data is significantly improved and large buffers are no longer painfully slow to examine.

Notch Filter Added to XAudio2

A notch filter (also known as a band-rejection filter) setting has been added to the state-variable filter available on source and submix voices. Notch filters allow you to attenuate a specific frequency band, such as an unwanted hum or hiss sounds. This filter is not yet exposed in XACT.

Echo Effect Added to XAPO Effects Library

An echo effect has been added to the XAPO effects library (XAPOFX). This effect, which includes adjustable delay, feedback gain, and wet/dry mix, may be used for pure delay in addition to echo.

Games for Windows Branding Tool

This release introduces the Games for Windows Branding tool. This tool helps developers and publishers test their compliance against the Games for Windows technical requirements and test requirements.

New Samples

This release has two new samples.

    * The DepthOfField10.1 sample, contributed by AMD, shows how to use depth of field with MSAA on Direct3D 10.1 hardware.
    * The RaycastTerrain sample demonstrates how to render terrain using cone-step mapping in the pixel shader.

Source: Microsoft
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