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Geeks3D PRO Pack
- A Single Commercial License for All Softwares -

Geeks3D Pro Pack: with an unique and flat commercial license, you can use all Geeks3D's softwares in the context of your commercial activity (unlimited number of users belonging to the same company).

All updates are completely FREE, just download the latest versions of the softwares (from the DLZ or from their respective homepages) at any time after your purchase.

This commercial license does not include technical support or bugfixes. The commercial license does not grant you the right to sell, rent or distribute the softwares (in bundle, on your website, etc.). If you want to distribute the softwares, just contact me.

To make an order, just click on the PayPal button hereunder. That allows you to make a secure payment. Once the payment done, you can immediatly use the softwares in your commercial activity. You will receive by email download information (if the PRO version of a software brings changes compared to the FREE version) and / or a license key.

You can also make a payment pay via a bank transfer. Just contact me at at jegx AT and add [Geeks3D PRO Pack] to the email subject.

Geeks3D PRO Pack
100.- €

*** PayPal payment temporarily unavailable ***

If you have any questions, do not hesiste to contact me at jegx AT and add [Geeks3D PRO Pack] to the email subject.

The commercial license includes the following softwares (this list is not exhaustive and can vary at any time):

GeeXLab demos

GLSL - Mesh exploder

PhysX 3 cloth demo

Normal visualizer with GS

Compute Shaders test on Radeon

Raymarching in GLSL

>Texture DataPack #1
>Asus Silent Knight CPU Cooler
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