OpenGL Geometry Instancing

This article has been updated with new demos and new GI technique. Read the complete article here: OpenGL Geometry Instancing: GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 5870. [French] Voici une petite démo qui utilise les techniques d’instancing (instancing simple, pseudo-instancing et geometry instancing(ou GI)) pour effectuer le rendu d’un anneau composé de 10000 petites sphères. […]

3DMark Next (3DMark08) arrive bientôt

Les images du nouveaux 3DMark commencent à fleurir un peu partout sur les forums comme celui-ci: tgfc.qwd1.com. Cette image est vraiment réaliste, le travail des ombres/ textures particulièrement bien fait. Le nouveau 3DMark sera 100% Vista / DirectX 10 / SM4 ce qui implique des cartes 3D du type Geforce 8 (principalement 8800) ou Radeon […]

Les nouveaux Catalyst 7.11 à la sauce “Bug-Inside”

ATI vient de nous livrer les nouveaux Catalyst 7.11 pour nos belles Radeon. Mais on dirait que ça commence à être une habitude chez les petits gars d’ATI de nous pondre des pilotes bogués surtout pour les nouvelles cartes! Souvenez-vous des Catalyst 7.9 qui enfin corrigeaient un gros bug au niveau des shadow-maps et ce […]

Catalyst 7.9 and Radeon 2K Shadow Mapping Bug

I found this bug while I was coding a new small soft shadows demo for GPU Caps Viewer. Soft shadows are built on shadow mapping and my OpenGL shadow mapping code works perfectly on all Geforce 6/7/8 and Radeon 1k but not on Radeon 2K (2400/2600/2900). Why ? Because of the shadow mapping comparison function […]

R600 is VTF-capable

“All of the fetch and filtering capabilities are available to each thread type, making the samplers completely agnostic about what’s using them.” This line from Beyond3D article on R600 means that vertex, geometry and pixel shaders can access to texture samplers. So Vertex Texture Fetching is now available with Radeon 2k series :thumbup: What’s more, […]

ATI and Depth Map Filtering

I’ve just found in the super paper of ATI, called “ATI OpenGL Programming and Optimization Guide” that all ATI GPUs from the R300 (Radeon 9700) to the latest R580 (Radeon X1900) only support NEAREST (and the mipmap version) filtering for depth map. That explains the previous results. So if you want a nVidia-like depth map […]

NPOT Textures

It’s nice to come back to code! I’m currently working on a new and simple framework for my OpenGL experimentations before implementing the algorithms in the oZone3D Engine . RaptorGL is a little bit too heavy for simple tests so for the moment I drop it. This new framework I called XPGL (eXPerimental Graphics Library), […]