Month: June 2006

Compilation of Ogre3D v1.2.1

Just for fun (and for benchmarking too), I’ve done a compilation of the latest Ogre3D engine (v1.2.1). For the sake of the test I used vc2005 and the two following files available on – OGRE 1.2.1 Source for Windows – Dependencies 1.2.0 for Visual C++ 2005(8.0) Unpack both archives and put the content of […]

Ambient Occlusion Generator

I’m currently working on a new algorithm for the ambient occlusion generator. The basic idea comes from smash, the main coder of Fairlight, a famous demoscene group (thank you mate!). My old AmbOccGen was (is still) really slow: calculating per-vertex AO term for a 40000-polys object with 1000 samplers could take many hours and even […]