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Demoniak3D 1.21.0

February 26th, 2008 Posted in News
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Le mise en place du forum Wish List / Feature Requests a été bénéfique pour Demoniak3D puisque l’essentiel des changements de cette nouvelle version vient des idées postées dans ce forum. Un grand merci à tous ceux qui y ont contribué.

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  • New: added GetPitch(), GetYaw(), GetRoll(), GetAbsolutePitch(), GetAbsoluteYaw() and GetAbsoluteRoll() to HYP_Object lib (see here).
  • New: added SetMousePos() to HYP_Input lib (see here).
  • New: added CreateGizmo() and DestroyGizmo() to HYP_Object lib (see here).
  • New: added Destroy() to HYP_Object lib (see here)
  • Bugfix: in lens flare engine. In some situations (for instance camera behind the light source and mesh in front of light source) the flares were not displayed. Thanks to John Difool for this bug-report.
  • Bugfix: tangent space vectors are now properly updated after averaging normals with average_normals attribute of mesh node (see here.)

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