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FurMark 1.9.2 BURN-IN Score

(*** Status: submissions disabled ***)

GPU burn-in test and OpenGL benchmark

Details for score ID = 170583

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FurMark scores comparative charts

  • BURN-IN SCORE: 3194 points (31610 frames, 76 °C, 35 FPS)

  • Submitted by Sokolov744 (anonymous mode) on October 4 2014, 4:13 pm

  • Bench duration: 900 seconds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • MSAA samples: 0
  • Window mode: fullscreen

  • Primary renderer: AMD PITCAIRN XT
  • Device ID: 0x1002 - 0x6818
  • GPU clock: 1000 MHz
  • Memory clock: 1200 MHz
  • Graphics drivers: Catalyst 14.9 - 14.301.1001-140915a-176154C 9-15-2014
  • GPU temperatures (start/end): 35°C / 75°C

  • Number of GPUs: 1
    • GPU0 - Vendor: 0x1002 - Device: 0x6818 - Max GPU temp: 76 °C - Max GPU load: 99 %

  • CPU: AMD FXtm-8120 Eight-Core Processor
  • CPU speed: 3120 MHz
  • Operating system: Windows post-Win7 64-bit ver.6.2 build 9200 No Service Pack

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